xmatthewx (thebelovedgift) wrote in rap_foeva,

Matt #2 in da house...

you all think your so cool,
with your sex lives, and unwrapped tools
but me i stay clean,
til' i meet the girl of my dreams
the one i'll marry some day,
til' then...hoes keep away

me i live a strait life, no drugs, cristah or strife
see me cuss in my rhyme?
i dont have to do it all the time
you and your sailor tougnes you think your well hung.
keep dreamin you wanna-be playa,
rockin out to metallica and slayer..

your just a bore.... "but i have a knife, im so hardcore"
you mark up your wrist when you need to be slittin em'
smoking them cigs when you need to be quittin em'
use a marker when you need to use a knife
get your fake edge self out of my sight..

all this is for cris
the one and only girl for me
you think you girls hotter then her?
niggah please

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