System.Web.UI.Cosine (cosinezero) wrote in rap_foeva,


Bunch of white cats think big gats and drug raps get mad claps
Bitch, buy a thesaurus, or get played like those before us
ain't old enough or tough enough to bring those kind of lyrics to tha chorus
This nar about your cock or your glock or urban shell shock
From some redneck in the boondocks
Who be frontin' like he rocks socks
Get some history, flow, try get yourself in the know
put your boys in the show and forget about dough
Shit ain't about what you be gettin but about how you be gettin there
Not one single motherfucker made bank without sweatin' fair
So punch your clock, gwan bitch and do your time
Don't be trying to rock your elementary school nursery-ass rhymes on my dime
I got meter, flow, rockin' riddims you don' know
I paid my dues at the door and I been waitin' for you to show
Watch you from dark corners frontin' girls you call your ho's
Best hope you'll see me comin' when it's time for you to go

that's the way the battle go against your host, cosinezero

Age, Sex, and Locale really not your business
those that need to feel me know how to reach me; find your own damned opportunity
And if ya'll cats need be checkin' IDs to get in
the icons' up top this post be a good place to begin...
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