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WORD TO YO MOTHA [entries|friends|calendar]
rap FO EVA

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[15 Aug 2003|10:01pm]

ranch dressing owns
i be puttin it on all my shit
pizza and chicken
gotsta smother it
i am so white
if you couldnt tell
but i be all tough
i was on montel
for beatin the shit
outta a cop
its a regular thang
i guess i should stop
so go on and rip me
aint got nothin ta fear
cuz you know my motto
"dirrty south
no faggy alligators here"

t3h h0tn355Collapse )

josh. hickory, north carolina. cock azn.
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WHUUT. [06 Aug 2003|01:50am]

[ mood | artistic ]

man i love me some jamba juice
it makes me wanna shake my caboose
oh how i love that strawberry wild
when i drink it i feel like a child
the kool thing is that its healthy
its kinda pricey, but you dont have to be wealthy
it doesnt even matter cuz jamba juice is the shit
if your friend has some, ask for a sip
then hit him in his face and run
drink all that shit up and have fun!
Olivia from Garland, Texas
I don't do 'gangster' ... I do it player.Collapse )
Stage name: Kunta Kente. (yeeeuh.)

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[04 Aug 2003|10:47pm]

join drop_dead

think you can cut it?
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I suck at life, let's make out. [03 Aug 2003|06:28pm]
Danielle - 16 - Saratoga Springs, NY
(because everyone in Charlotte hated me)

You would be cool, Except that you're not
You would be good looking, If only you were hot
You say the n-word, That makes you bad ass
Kiddies beware, I talk with some sass
I can't make a rhyme, But my muscles are big
Don't fuck with Andrea, She'll pull off your wig
I'm ugly, I'm fat, I'm not very bright
But bitches step off, You don't want to fight
I know Natasha, My sister's a mod,
I've seen both of their chests, And sweet naked bods
I don't drink and don't fuck, Because being edge is cool
And it's because you're fucking ugly, And a sorry ass fool
I watch lots of porn, I enjoy all that smut
I also put out, Does that make me a slut?
I listen to rap, It's good to listen to different kinds of music
I heart you, you are teh rock, Now go suck some dick.

Skanky McSkankerson

Eat it.Collapse )
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new- dougie- 17-nc [31 Jul 2003|12:21pm]

murder most foulCollapse )

this may sound whack,
cuz i ain't black.
bitches look at me and catch a dick smack.
yo momma be lookin' fly if she ain't smoke da crack.
peace out homes, it's time to snack.

the name is dougie, but you can call me coco loco.
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pwned this crap [31 Jul 2003|11:29am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

you try ta be diff'rent but yo just tha same.
this community iz pretty dizamm lame.

struttin round like you got da most hot shit.
well where's yo niggaz bouncin to it?

yo writin this trash from yo computer seat,
when i got my rhymez from da mo' freakin street.

you lookin at me like i ain't got no blades.
shit, i'll make ya look like nelly wit all dem bandaids.

dont think i haf to impress even tho dis iz my first post.
i'm in dis shit, so i'm poppin my crys' and makin a toast.

aight i'm about to bizounce tha hizell outta here,
don't front or you'll be in my headlights like all dem deer.

~black in pants

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[30 Jul 2003|11:45pm]

If you have this community on your friends list and you havent posted yet... please do so or you'll be banned
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[30 Jul 2003|11:39pm]
make_you_sing, i'm adding you to the friends list because you're nice and pretty. however i couldn't leave you a comment saying this because you've got that blocked for friends only. so here ya go missy. add me back gansta style. lova~
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[29 Jul 2003|02:39am]

[ mood | Ghetto ]

I'm chillin like a villin
Now I'm throwin down this rhyme
For you to hear
I'm gonna throw it down
While drinkin a beer
So listen closely
In case I mostly
Slur these words

My name is Danielle
But in the ghetto
They yell
Baby D !

I like to be free
Not tied down
I'm not a slut
I just like to fuck
A little fun
And then I'm done
Don't hold me back
If your really phat
I wanna get you down

Sometimes I like to be claimed
Up on a pedistal and framed
Down to one man I am
Thinking oh damn
One man all day and all night
Making me high as a kite
Things arent such a fright
Until he strays away

I'm sitting here rhyming
Free styling about shit
Just wanted to feel cool
And not get hit
My ghetto style
Is coming out
In a little while
I'm bustin out

I'm droppin a line
For all those so kind
To take their time
To read my rhyme

Now I'm bustin out
Going down my route
Rolling some grass
Getting some ass
Chillin like my boys
Back in the day
Now the illest chick
Who doesnt give a frick
Is leaving you now
Don't have a cow
She'll be back
Right on track
Later broz
Get some dough
See ya later
Fo sho

Danielle, 17, Michigan

Baby D

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DONT HATE [28 Jul 2003|01:41am]
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i hate fuckin with the ghetto ass bitches in the hood.
fifteen and gettin pregnant that aint no good.
best friend moved to new york
gotta pour out a little smirnoff vodka for her ass...
i suck at rhyming but who cares cuz i made this shit up so i got a free pass.
fo eva because thats what i say
i really suck at this but thats okay
im cute and cuddley and aznbigboobies
im up in here with my non ghetto booty
so now look at my picture
and wish you were me
like that fat kronik bitch kae kay wtfever dieeeeeeeee.
ill cut you all with my boyfriend's swiss army knife so dont fizuck with me

aka fucking x lolz x up in this piece.
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okay here goes... [24 Jul 2003|11:29pm]
[ mood | thuggish ]

my name is rachael and it's spelled with an A.
get it right or get your head bashed in all the way.
i really am a nice person and would love to chat.
all you gotta do is spell it right, you down wit dat?

big dubs and thighs and everything bling,
rachael, aka SOUL TRAIN

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[24 Jul 2003|10:06pm]

Ok look ... the rhyme battle ya'll had was funny as hell.....
but there is some stuff i have to adress

1) PEOPLE ARE POSTING WHO ARENT FUCKING MEMEBRS. go read the rules this is your warning stop or you'll be banned///

2) obey the rules or your done

3) why the hell arent the few members i have votingds.f.ajfglksjg
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Matt #2 in da house... [24 Jul 2003|03:24am]

you all think your so cool,
with your sex lives, and unwrapped tools
but me i stay clean,
til' i meet the girl of my dreams
the one i'll marry some day,
til' then...hoes keep away

me i live a strait life, no drugs, cristah or strife
see me cuss in my rhyme?
i dont have to do it all the time
you and your sailor tougnes you think your well hung.
keep dreamin you wanna-be playa,
rockin out to metallica and slayer..

your just a bore.... "but i have a knife, im so hardcore"
you mark up your wrist when you need to be slittin em'
smoking them cigs when you need to be quittin em'
use a marker when you need to use a knife
get your fake edge self out of my sight..

all this is for cris
the one and only girl for me
you think you girls hotter then her?
niggah please

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dayum nugga. [23 Jul 2003|05:03pm]

i am sammy from teh block.
you cant fuck wif mah black cock.
i am the macaroni and da cheese,
bitch please.
i aint got no stds.
i just striaght chill like werd
but you be looking like a queer bird.

Yo how bout you buff these Pumas for 20 cents or your lights wont get cut off
You saggy breasts, cow stomachs
Yo take those baby GAP shirts off, too
You just mad cuz Payless ran out of plastic pumps for the after party

when i walk up in the peice, i aint even gotta
MUTHAFUCKA, you ain't got it like me. step to me
get burnt like toast.

chickenheads on the prowl, who you tryin to fuck
now? i know you aint getting loud, better calm down before i smack ya ass down.

stop talking bout who im sticking and licking.
you just mad it ain't yours.


bad mamma jamma. thank you.
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[23 Jul 2003|04:47pm]

I'm the ILLEST vegan, ya evah did see.
I'll kill yah face if you say I hug the treez.
I'm a huge slut, this I know,
I aint afraid to get down on my kneez.
I know everythin' 'bout the birds 'n' the beez.
Axe me a question, I'm sure I'll give ya tipz...
on shakin' tha hipz and bustin' tha lipz.
oh oh.

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[23 Jul 2003|04:12pm]

OK this is a little promo i have to do .... Thanks to Sam for Advertising rap_foeva on drop_dead

so now here it goes...

YOU ALL NEED TO JOIN drop_dead Why? Because the supper sexxy people are all doing it. The people are great and hey if you hot whats better then looking and talking to other hot people?
Just go do it already!!!

DJ XOMGX--your mod
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